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Paying it Forward

By Ainsley Robles
May 4, 2017

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Ainsley teaches at Lawrence High School as a special education teacher and OneGoal Program Director. Ainsley attributes her educational success in part to the role a supportive teacher played in her life. Currently leading one of OneGoal-Massachusetts’ founding cohorts, Ainsley is providing that same support to 25 students, as well as finding opportunities to share the OneGoal curriculum with the entire high school.


My cohort collaborated with another cohort of OneGoal students (led by PD Maureen Santiago) in the school to create informative presentations on 15 different colleges throughout Massachusetts. These 50 Fellows basically played the role of admissions officers and shared the types of considerations students should be cognizant of as they’re making their college decisions.


For me & Maureen, this event was a great way to showcase all the valuable learning that is happening in our OneGoal classrooms, and the progress Fellows are making on their college journeys.


Our Fellows learned so much about the universities in preparation for this event. But in my opinion the biggest impact was with our Fellows’ peers, and the lack of awareness and urgency they felt about college and the process before this event.

I think a lot of internal light bulbs were lit during our Fellows’ presentations and it solidified for them the importance of the work they are doing with OneGoal and the impact it is having on their outlook.

All of my Fellows share the one goal of college graduation, but their paths to get there are very different. Thinking towards the future of this group, my hope for my Fellows is that they remain fiercely passionate, grounded in their motivation, resilient when confronted with challenges, and that they know there is a seat for them at any and every table they are willing to fight to be at. I hope to see them as strong pillars in our community who are uplifting the generations to follow.