Senior Director of Strategy + Learning (Regional Operations) – National

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Reports to: Andy Redman, Chief Operating Officer

Start Date: July 2017
Location: Atlanta preferred, and flexible within other OneGoal Regions: Chicago, IL; Houston, TX; Boston, Massachusetts; New York City, NY; Bay Area, CA
Position Filled By: June/July 2017

About OneGoal


In 1970, 6% of students from low-income communities completed college. Today, that number is a mere 9%. Anchored in this belief, we have one goal: college graduation. Period. At OneGoal, we believe we must move the needle on this most critical challenge facing our nation especially given it is solvable. We believe all students have what it takes to earn a college degree, and should have a real opportunity to fulfill their potential. Our Senior Director of Strategy + Learning (Regional Operations) will join a national movement changing the trajectory for our country’s most underserved youth during a unique window in time:

  • By 2017, OneGoal will serve more than 9,300 students (“OneGoal Fellows”) in 180 schools in six states across our country.
  • OneGoal’s teacher-led, in-school, three-year college access and success model is reversing the odds. While nationwide, only 9% of kids in low-income communities graduate from college, 82% of OneGoal Fellows enroll in college and 78% are persisting or have graduated from college.
  • Since 2013, OneGoal has grown in staff size by an average of 50% and with over 100 staff members, is embarking on “Phase III” of our growth stage, anticipating additional growth to new regions.

The Person


You believe – and your work has demonstrated your belief – that all students can earn a college degree and the life that comes with it. As the Senior Director of Strategy + Learning (Regional Operations), you are focused on maximizing the contributions of OneGoal regions toward closing the college divide. Specifically, this includes but is not limited to:


  • Setting the vision and plan for the Executive Director (ED) Learning Community.
    • With a cohort of 6 EDs and growing (to 13 by 2022), you will build a plan that facilitates learning and shared knowledge for EDs and regional team members, and then execute against that plan.
    • You will create a robust system, culture, and approach for ED learning, leveraging the COO and national teams.
    • Your vision will require strong analysis and understanding of ED/regional needs.
    • You will need to serve a coordinating function with other national team members that support regional learning, including Training and Support staff members on program, development, and human assets.
  • Building strong relationships and trust with ED cohort such that leaders are motivated and inspired to participate and drive the learning agenda.
    • You will communicate and coordinate the learning agenda with EDs on a regular basis so that the community is engaging and thriving (i.e., leading to insights and “ah-ha” moments of clarity, and in turn, action).
  • Serving as an internal strategy consultant to regions.
    • You will add value to regions by identifying cross-≠cutting issues, conducting analysis, and creating solutions that drive impact on regional outcomes.
    • This will require a method and approach for prioritizing projects and proposals, and in turn the creation of well-defined scopes of work.
    • You will laterally manage and coordinate small, often cross-functional teams, to execute analysis and deliver results to regions that contribute toward pushing regional outcomes forward.


Though the Senior Director of Strategy + Learning is likely to see himself/herself/themselves in the following examples, these are not requirements. These examples are designed to help you determine if this opportunity aligns with your own passion and purpose.


You are a visionary and an operator.

  • You have successfully designed and led programs that provided meaningful returns.
  • You love collecting and monitoring data to know where you need to dig in more deeply and when to pivot.
  • You have a track record of meeting big goals and are not afraid to dig in and get your hands dirty.


You build the capacity of others.

  • You are passionate about supporting the needs of others and pride yourself in providing best in class support. You are proactive in managing up to others to build capacity laterally and vertically.
  • You take initiative to find “teachable moments” and model for others how to ask the right questions.


You mobilize people around a shared vision.

  • You inspire people to want to fulfill a collective programmatic vision.
  • You strategically identify and analyze key stakeholders and extend your reach and impact by deputizing them to join your cause.


You communicate clearly and succinctly.

  • You are able to readily write digestible syntheses that are action-oriented and clear.
  • Whether in person or on the phone, you communicate in a way that invests, motivates, and builds clarity and trust.


You strive to make others more effective and efficient.

  • You consistently design solutions with the end user in mind.
  • People from all walks of life want you to be their teammate, partner, or manager because they know you care about them professionally and personally and they know the work will be engaging.


You are a problem-solver.

  • You enjoy and have experience working on adaptive problems and driving clarity when stuck in the “gray .”
  • You understand how to connect data to create usable insights and solutions.
  • Whether you’re working with program, development, or talent, you are excited to take on any strategy or analysis challenge to help us reach our mission.


You love using analysis to tell a story.

  • You are a clear communicator and understand the power of analysis when it’s presented correctly. You often “say it with charts.”
  • You have an innate ability to help make data and analysis digestible for all types of learners and working styles, but you are also driven to get the analysis in the right hands to help advance our mission.
  • You acknowledge the role bias and privilege play in analysis and seek to mitigate this in your practice.


You are a synthesizer and strategist.

  • You have a unique ability to provide a bird’s-eye view and see trends that other people can’t see.
  • You use your proximity to the data and all functional teams to strengthen your synthesis and recommendations, and your recommendations are in the best interest of our Fellows in the short- and long-term.



  • Bachelor’s Degree (Required)
  • Management experience (Strongly Preferred)
  • Prior experience designing and leading professional development experiences for adult learners (Preferred)
  • 3-5 years of prior experience in strategy, management consulting, data analysis or project management (Preferred)
  • Demonstrated success in setting a bold vision and direction, and investing others in that vision (Preferred)
  • Experience working with Executive Directors or other senior executives (Preferred)
  • Comfort starting a team or working in a startup environment, including experience leading effectively through ambiguity, change and unpredictability (Preferred)


Additional Skills:

  • Outcomes-≠oriented and driven to maximize impact against measurable goals
  • Extensive project management skills – from discovery and problem identification through execution and continuous improvement – honed from designing and implementing complex initiatives
  • Excellent quantitative thinking, including the ability to examine available data, apply decision rules and analytical methods to produce meaningful results
  • Strong written and verbal communications skills, including across lines of difference and in multiple contexts ≠ (1:1, small groups, large audiences, virtually)
  • Ability to influence others to achieve results, both with and without formal management authority
  • Strategic thinker, using data to make timely and informed decisions to prioritize actions that matter most and have the greatest impact
  • Always seeks to learn and grow through reflection, seeking feedback, asking for help, and assuming personal responsibility.

Our Team


Guided by a clear set of core values and beliefs, you will join an impressive group of more than 100 OneGoal staff across the country who believe in the untapped potential within students. The OneGoal team challenges themselves and others to regularly ask, “Is there a better way?”


The Tangible Good


We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package which provides individual professional development funds, retirement matching, generous paid vacation time and sick time off, a culture that supports sustainable work habits, and an Annual Staff Retreat.


You Believe in People and are Committed to Equity and Inclusion.


You believe in an inclusive and culturally competent society and the essence of our commitment to diversity and inclusion. We believe that in order to create the change we seek, each person we hire brings a remarkable and diverse set of experiences, skills and characteristics that individually and collectively, will contribute to the radical change needed to move us towards a more equitable and just nation.




Explore our website to learn more and apply by following the link below.

OneGoal is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, disability, age, marital status, military status, pregnancy, or parenthood.